DOT Net Framework History: All You Must Know

DOT Net is framework developed by Microsoft that is primarily targeted for Microsoft Windows. In late 90s Microsoft started developing on DOT Net framework. It was originally called as Next Generation Windows Services (NGWS). So what are other things related to DOT Net framework History let’s see it further.

In 2000 Microsoft release first beta version of DOT Net framework called NET 1.0. DOT Net version 1.0 was released for Windows 98,2000 and Windows XP. Microsoft has also developed fully integrated IDE called Visual Studio for easy development using DOT Net framework. DOT Net version 1.0+ supported in Visual Studio 2003. After that version 1.1 was the first major update that includes following new feature:

Built in support of ASP.Net mobile control. Code access security for APS.Net Application. Built in support for Databases. DOT.Net frame work for small devices. IPV6 support.
In 2006 Microsoft has release updated version of DOT Net framework i.e. DOT Net Framework 2.0. This framework was released with Visual Studio 2005 And Microsoft SQL server 2005. This framework comes with following updated features:
Full X64 but computing support. Numerous API changes. Microsoft SQL server integration. Improved ASP and Data controls. Introduction of personalization feature supporting themes, skin, and master pages. Partial classes, Nullable Types, Anonymous methods. Common language runtime 2.0
Microsoft released DOT Net framework version 3.0 formerly known as WinFX. This framework contains managed code API that is integral part of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. Following are major component changes in this framework:
Introduced Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF)
Windows CardSapce
After some time releasing framework version3.0 Microsoft has released DOT Net framework update for the same as DOT Net framework 3.5 and 3.5 service pack 1. In this update there is not much change in framework itself but they have released performance upgradation as follows :
WPF perfomace improvement.
2 New data service component  ADO.Net Entity framework and ADO.Net data service.
2 new assemblis were introduce System.Web.Abstraction and System.Web.Routing which are used for ASP.NET MVC framework.
It also include SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008 service pack 1.
After this release Microsoft introduced latest framework version DOT Net framework 4. It include following new features:
Parallel execution to improe parallel computing for technologies like PLINQ
New Visual Basic .NET and C# language features, such as implicit line continuations, dynamic dispatch, named parameters, and optional parameters.
Support code contracts.
Common language runtime version 4.
In 2012 Microsoft release upgrade for framework 4.0 as next version become DOT Net 4.5 which include following enhancement:
Metro Style App that is used to develop metro app for Windows 8 and Windows phone using WPF and Xamal.

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