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As in previous article we have seen Perl support various platforms for development. So before you start learning and developing in Perl. First you need to understand how it works and what are the tools and software it will need. Not only for Perl but this thing is prerequisite for all learning anything new what we come across. So here I am going to talk about which Perl development tools and software will be needed to download before we start coding in it.

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Now days Perl comes preinstalled in almost all operating systems. To check weather is installed in your system or not here is command for the same.

If you are Windows User:

Start-----> run----> cmd.     OR   

Windows Button +R (open run dialog box) ---> type cmd
Both this start your command prompt in your computer.

Now type following command as it is: 

Perl –v

This will show you which Perl version installed on your computer or if not installed then show you regular error Perl is not identified as internal or external command. 

This is also same for Unix /Linux operating system. Just put $ and then write command.
If Perl is not installed on your system don’t worry we will see how to install Perl development tool. If you are Linux or MAC user then Perl already comes pre-installed on your system. But Windows user has to do it manually. Regardless you are having any operating system you can download Perl from its official website.
Perl Official Website:

You can download Perl documentation from the following website.
Perl Documentation Website:

Perl is available freely wide spread you just need to download its binaries and install Perl to work with it. You also need simple text editor create Perl file. You can also user smart text editor like notepad++ and many more. If you want to code with comfort used IDE like Eclipse or NetBeans(You need to install Perl plug in for this 2 IDEs). Using IDE you can write and execute code at the same place. No need to switch between editor and command prompt.
Note: Perl file while saving it will have .pl as its extension
  1. After installing these binaries to your platform you can have 2 options to execute your program.
  2.  User IDE with plugin install and write and execute all at one place.
So here are basic thing one must know before starting Perl programming. Finally you are done with Perl development tools in your system. If you have any query comment below. Thanks for reading.

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