Typical Characteristics Of Mumbaikar That Makes Us Unique Then Others

Even though Delhi is said to be India’s official capital but Mumbai is financial capital of India. Since I am Gujarati I used to listen one saying about Mumbai is “મુંબઈ માં ગયો એટલે મુંબઈ નો થયો” (In Englishà Mumbai Ma Gayo Etale Mumbai No Thayo). This means once you comes to Mumbai you can never leave Mumbai. This is very much true. Mumbai is said to be city of dream and hopes. Some people come to Mumbai for getting a job, some come for study or may be for any reason. But ultimately they stay here and transforms into Mumbaikar. If you are Mumbaikar then you can identify another Mumbaikar no matter where you are. 

We Mumbaikars knowingly or unknowingly follow certain characteristics which typically belong to Mumbai. You cannot find that characteristics in anyone among people living in any city in India. A person’s background never matter, once he becomes a Mumbaikar, he becomes a part of the spirit. So here are typical Mumbaikar characteristics that only Mumbaikar can have:

They Don’t Know What Overcrowded Means:
Even though Mumbai is considered as overcrowded city still, I will say people live in Mumbai don’t know the meaning of word Overcrowded. So for Mumbaikar a space that accommodate a Human body is adequate. The best example of this is local trains during rush hours. They know the value of time and place so they can adjust themselves to make space for others. Not only this but housing system has trained Mumbaikar so well that they can adjust in space that can accommodate human body to settle down.

Sleeping Before 12 Is Myth:
Sleeping before midnight? Then you cannot be a Mumbaikar. Mumbai is among the city that are famous for its night life. This city actually never sleeps. Even though people do sleep late but Mumbai start its morning from 5AM.

Your English Accent Show Who You Are:
In Mumbai you can easily identify the person from which background he came from. People do have their mother tongue influence on their English. Or even we used to hear the different kind of language here. Sometimes people while communicating in English do add their own native language words to it.

Love Vada Pav:
Instead of many multinational brand are capturing market more and more like Subway, McDonald, Burger King still they are failing to take over the native meal of Mumbai. Vada pav is quick serving spicy native meal that can feel any Mumbaikar’s test and hunger. Even in today also you will find more crowd at vada Pav stall then another place at meal time.

Hindi Can Never Be Pure:
One of typical Hindi followed in Mumbai Is Bombaiyya Hindi which is never pure and differe person to person. It’s a mix language that made of some Hindi words plus some native language words and terms. Bollywood have taught that very well to other countries of India too :P

Gifted To Get In And Out Of Trains:
Once you leave in Mumbai then you can travel in any train across the world. No matter how much train is crowded and you didn’t see a place to get into it. Still Mumbaikars manage to get into the crowded train. Despite of Unclean corners, dirty seats, filthy odor, unbearable crowds and constant delays do not affect the love Mumbaikars have for local trains. Even in this much of crowd to pass the time strange person beside you becomes your friend. You will get daily news from all around the corner in the train. Trains are lifeline of Mumbai so does for Mumbaikars.

Prefer Trains Over Cars:
Mumbai is only city you will find that have more attachment with trains even though they are packed. People prefer trains than any other transportation. But truly Mumbai locals are easiest an fastest way to travel. You will see verity among the people around in the train. Mumbai locals are best place to see how Multiculturism works in harmony in Mumbaikar’s busy life.

Buying Car Is Not An Issue But Parking Is:

Mumbaikar first thinks about parking before buying car. Here cars is not concern but where to park that car is of major concern. As we have lot of trouble to find parking space. 

Jugaad Is Way Of life:
Mumbaikar believe nothing is impossible. If you are in need and do not have time to solve the problem then jugaad is the best way to solve that problem and it becomes solution of that problem when again it arises. It is the fasted way to solve the problem by using available resources in hand.

Offline shopping At Your Budget:
Even though Flipkart, Snap deals, Amazon are offering product at least possible price. But at the virtue of offline shopping in Mumbai will be there forever. Also along with that Mumbaikar have skill of bargaining until seller do not agreed at price that buyer can afford.

So no matter where Mumbaikar goes once he have adjusted with Mumbai life style then he can survive anywhere on this planet. If you like this article or want to add anything to this do comment below. We can expect comment from Mumbaikar's. Thanks for reading.

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