Asus ZenFone 2 Laser (ZE550KL) Review: Specially For Fast Shooting

Asus has announced many members in its's Zenfone series they are all design and have special features like RAM, memory and so on. This specialty make users/buyers difficult to click on buy button for since choice becomes difficult. Recently we have received new member of ZenFone specially design for fast Photography and shooting.

Little Overview:

You will not find any difference between ZenFone 2 and ZenFone 2 Laser. They both looks similar. But in specs they differ a lot. In short summarization this device have 5.5 inches display having HD display with IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen. In processing speed this device have 2 different processor. One comes with Quad-core and another with Octa-core along with 2 variant in GPU as well Qualcomm MSM8916 and Snapdragon 410 Qualcomm MSM8939 Snapdragon 615 respectively. ZenFone 2 also provide 16 GB internal memory (usable 10 GB) beside this you have option to upgrade external memory up-to 128 GB and it also equipped with 2GB RAM . It comes with 13 MP sharp shooter having laser sensor equipped and 5 MP camera in front with autofocus. It also provide all connectivity option except that NFC feature. We will see all things on details and camera sample further in article.

Look And Feel: 

ZenFone 2 Laser and ZenFone 2 are almost similar to each other there no different in exterior look. Check the image below:
Click on Image to Enlarge

On the head of the phone there is 3.5 mm sound jack, beside this there is power button and beside that noise cancellation mic is placed. In front starting from top ZenFone Laser have Speaker below that it have it's logo printed. On left side it have sensor and on right side it have 5 MP shooter camera. It have 5.5 inches screen with thin basal. At the bottom it have back home and optimized button respectively. It have very clear and crisp display.We were also satisfied with the display, which at 720x1280 pixels is suitably sharp for a budget device.

Back side of this smarpthone is curved inherited from it's successor ZenFone 2. On the back side it have 13MP shooter camera with dual tone flash one side and laser sensor on other side. Exactly below camera there is volume rocker. It took me some time to get adjust with this buttons but they after getting used to it they are very helpful while clicking photos. While on the bottom it have printed ZenFone text and speaker blow it. While on extreme button it have micro USB charging port.

Beside this back panel is removable, having hybrid dual SIM slot with Micro SD card and removable battery underneath.This Zenfone laser provide 16 GB in build storage and you can input upto 128 GB external SD card for more.

Software And Specification:

In most of their ZenFone device Asus has used Intel atom processors. But ZenFone 2 Laser seems to be the first device in India by Asus integrated with Snapdragon processor. This device comes with 2 kind of processor.
  1. Quad-core Qualcomm MSM8916 Snapdragon 410 (we have reviewed this version) and
  2. Octa-core Qualcomm MSM8939 Snapdragon 615

This Asus device run on Android 5.0 i.e. Android Lollipop version with Asus Zen UI on top of it. Zen UI have many features like smart grouping and kids mode. Smart grouping feature will make group of apps that are simliar in nature. Example if you are using whatsapp, viber, hike,line they all belong to instant messaging application. Hence this all will be grouped under one folder. Kids mode as we all know help your kids to improve their knowledge and prevent your phone from any mishap. Beside this there are lot of customization option like set gesture for launching certain app when device is asleep, double tap device wake up, change quick launch app and also at the main screen and so on. Zen UI has improved a lot for security and customization since last time we have tested ZenFone 2. 

This device is having good performance for it's class. Below are Antutu Benchmark and Nena mark score:
Antutu Bench Mark Score

Antutu benchmark score shows how device perform under different situation. It also shows device performance with other devices in the same and above.

Below we have shown Nena mark which shows how efficient your device for handling graphical application and games. As we are talking about Qualcomm MSM8916 Snapdragon 410 so we have got frame rate of 54.3 that is good. But we are expecting good from this device.

We have tested basic games like Subway surfer and temple run 2 that run very smooth with device. We have also tried games like Asphalt 8 it performs good but lag sometime and device heat-up is more after extensive gaming for half hour.

Nena Mark Scire Fir FPS of device.
Beside this Asus ZenFone Laser also provide dual SIM 4G support with 3000 mAh battery capacity. The sound of the device in crowded place or noisy atmosphere is well. Vibration very sever and ring tone volume loud enough.

Camera Quality: 

As this device name theme explain everything. Since this device equipped with laser sensor. Rear camera equipped with laser-autofocus feature. Rear 13 MP camera placed on top of backside above the volume rocker button. Camera has been improved drastically from it's performance with ZenFone 2. And front 5 MP camera is placed at the top right corner of the device.

You can buy Asus ZenFone Laser: Click Here

Camera produce good quality images that are sharp and crisp color. No over saturation of colors and noise and pixelation problem has been overcome this time in Asus ZenFone Laser. The photos taken in the bright day light seems be washed out, This problem can be overcome by HDR mode by some extend. But as compared to device under 10000 budget this device performs very well for camera quality. Here are some clicks on various modes.

Click On Pic TO Enlarge

In Room Under Normal Light Condition
In the room this photo is clicked under normal light condition. Color production seems to be good.

This pic is taken in Mall
Click on Open From Back Camera
Asus ZenFone Laser Detail Mode
All above photes are taken from rear camera under various light conditions and various modes. You can check out the photos yourself. Now check out Low light and Night mode photos.

Night Mode
Asus_ZenFone_Laser_Low Light
Low Light Mode
It seems laser autofocus worked out very well and it also stabilize the camera after clicking image. But rear camera produce high quality image but if you want to cover wide area image get some distortion. But overall camera quality is very impressive.

When it comes to front camera it is really wired why Asus has not provided video recording feature in it. Blow is the image taken form front 5 MP shooter.

Front Camera Click
Front camera work impressive in good light but since there is no flash in from camera low light images are not good. It's the only drawback. On the other aspect battery drain is more. Since laser sensor is additional consumer of battery. Battery of 3000 mAh does decent job.

Battery last well almost 18 hours a day with heavy usage of mailing, gaming and social apps along with instant messaging apps. It provide outstanding standby time. Apart from it this device have all connectivity like WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G etc.

This device is priced under 10K that is 9,999/-INR.

You can buy Asus ZenFone Laser: Click Here

Final Words:

Overall Device seems to be good one. You can get all functionality that required for day to day usage. Battery last good enough for almost all day. But lower level chip-set is not performing up-to the expectation. Camera quality is good with additional of laser auofocus technology. But if you want little more performance then you can get other variant equipped with Snapdragon 615-powered ZenFone 2 Laser, which comes with 3GB RAM and is expected to offer better performance on paper, since we haven't tested it. This device is good for daily usage with user who want to photo enthusiast, especially with this price range.

If you have any questions of query do comment below. Stay tuned for more. Thank You for reading.

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Do you have any idea about when 3GB Ram version would be released?

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It is already available on Flipkart for 13000 INR