The N-Gage App Is A Revelation!

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When I had first heard of the app I was admittedly skeptical and reluctant to download yet another IM app. But boy was I wrong! 

Let me start with the registration process, which was as simple as they come. My number was quickly verified through a code sent by SMS and even though the app was slow it wasn’t long before the process was complete. 

Once everything was set-up, I set out to explore the app and its features – which are mind bogglingly varied. Unfortunately, the app suspended and had to be restarted several times before I could experiment with it by which point I must admit I was starting to get a bit exasperated. 

The maze of functions that need to be understood before getting even marginal use of the app is annoying at times, that being said it has much to offer. After it got going, I had a ball with it. The app is funky and fun to use and even though I experienced the occasional connectivity hurdle the features are dynamic. There is much that can be improved with the app but the app’s relevance and usefulness is clear. N-gage has created a unique and clever app that improves the lives of its users. It’s such a genius idea that it seems incredible that it hadn’t been developed earlier.

The makers of this app have successfully integrated features that allowed me to chat and make video calls with any other messaging app on my friend’s phone. Now this is a true innovation. Though the clarity of audio and video is not great and is a painful task to get connected. Hoping that the developers look into this. 


· I love the cross-platform functionality. 

· There are photo and doodle features that are great and easy to use across platforms. 

· The “schedule” feature works wonderfully for arranging business meetings. 

· The ping feature is easy to use with just two touches on the chat screen. 


· The “news” tab clutters the app unnecessarily. 

· The app is painfully slow, frequently hangs and needs to be restarted. 

· The interface is cluttered and especially in the beginning, it can get quite confusing and unnecessarily complex.

Review : Asus ROG G751 Gaming At It's Best

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Like every time, we are still receiving updates on new laptops & desktops to be launched by Asus). But when it comes to gaiming, laptop like Alienware Asus ROG series devices are most famous and consistent. ROG sand for Republic Of Gamers. This is the most famous gaming Laptops among the gamers and this its obviously costly too. Today we will give a complete insight of this gaming mini Desktop monster which capable of running all major game up-till now.

Asus ROG G751 Gaming Laptop : Compact Gaming PC


Design And Display :

 Asus ROG G751 Gaming Laptop Front Look
Front look of the laptop is giant than any other normal laptop. As you can see large screen and on the other hand backlit/illuminated  keyboard buttons and number pad on right side. 

Gaming Buttons

A certain dedicated keys are positioned on the top right panel with keys like Screen Recording, Stream, & M1, M2, M3 (Specify what is mi1, m2, m3 here). As you might have noticed, the keys  A, S, D, W are specially highlighted. The power button is on the extreme right and ROG trademark logo is below the keypad. 

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The laptop comes with a comprehensive setup of intel i7 processor, NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 860M graphic card and with an energy star rating which is innovative but surprising too.
Back Side Of Asus ROG G751 Laptop
Well if we talk about back side it has ROG trademark logo in middle with Asus Logo. As you can see the texture of some part of screen panel is Matt plastic material. Beside other area is of good black fiber material. Though the large air vents are present in the bottom, the laptop still requires a lot of cooling as it generates a lot of heat while gaming.

Connectivity :


On one side of the laptop you have starting from left it have 3 audio jacs followed by 2 USB 3.0 ports followed by thunderbolt port. After that we have HDMI port beside that you will find Ethernet LAN port for internet connectivity. Beside that you will find 16 pin VGA port for older device connectivity. So you can take advantage of connectivity and Old and new projector and testing CPU if you want to connect externally. And at last it has power port that is used for power supply.


On the other side of the laptop(left to right) we can see 2 USB 3 slots and followed by Blue Ray DVD reader and writer. At the end it have SD/MMC reader slot for memory cards.

Here’s a quick look at all feature :

  • 4 USB 3.0 ports 
  • 1 VGA port 
  • HDMI port 
  • Ethernet LAN port 
  • 3 Audio jacks
  • Thunderbolt port
  • SD/MMC reader
  • Blue Ray Reader writer
  • Bluetooth And WiFi
This Asus ROG G751 model has a 17.3 inches screen size providing IPS FHD with a resolution of 1920×1080 covered by an anti-glare coating. It also provide 178 degree of viewing angle for better user experience. But you need to consider one thing the ROG series is much heavier than the normal laptops. So be careful to carry with tight grip.  Besides if you are used to keeping the laptop on your lap, you seriously need to change your that habit because of 2 reasons. 

  • It's weight and 
  • Heating while gaming.

Hardware And Software :

Here are some information about device. Asus ROG G751 have intel i7-4710HQ processor clocked at 2.5 GHz along with 24 GB of DDR 3 RAM memory. It comes with Windows 8 Pro which is upgradeable to Windows 10 As mention earlier it comes with NVIDIA GFORCE 860M and Intel HD Graphics 4600 which is heart and soul of this beast for gaming. Both graphic cards provide 2+2 GB so total 4GB graphical processing unit. As you can see below image.


So this make it's 4K video processing and high end gaming output to it's best and any game will execute well on this gaming beast. Here are some screen shots of high end games we have tried on this compact gaming PC.

Watch  Dogs :




Assassin's Creed Unity :




Steam Games :



We have played additional games as well then this.Watch Dogs, GTA V, Assassin’s creed unity, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and so on. All games at their best output worked smoothly and without any lag. Exhaust vents do their job well by throwing out all heat outside and keeping device cool. Speakers are also placed near the hinge so that user can get optimum sound quality with ease. Two speakers are on upper surface on device and one small sub-woofer at bottom for surround sound experience.

It also equipped with ROG gaming tweak software which provides max performance at minimum energy resources. Battery performance for normal usage is very good. Device run out of battery after 4-5 hours with moderate usage. While gaming on battery support depend on your game setting. 

This Asus ROG R751 gaming beast is available for around $2000 (price may vary according to region) which we convert in Indian currency stand to 200000 (value subject to change).There is a 1 year International warranty on the laptop with 1 year accidental damage cover.

So here is all about this gaming beast. Any query comment below. Thank you for reading.

A Decor Brand With Classic Collection "Deco Home"‏

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In Diwali we always look for getting rid of old fashion stuff and bring in new fashion with style. As we get new dress up our self with new style in Diwali like that we also want to Jazz Up Our Home. But when we think about it first thing comes to our mind is how much it will going to affect out pocket!! Isn't it ? Then while searching I came across DecoHome. Well I was amazed since I got quality product at reasonably good discount. You will get all items like decorative pillows, 
decorative wall shelves, decorative cushion covers, decorative cushions, decorative shelves and so on.


I was mainly looking for Door seal and Wall shelves. 

What I found about Door Seal :

Our door look very classical and very simple when they do not have door seal. So we were thinking about to have contrast color door seals. I have visited many sites and many store but didn't satifies and where I have found satisfactory product there prices were high. Then I have found quality door seals at Deco Home.

Door Seals
On Deco home door seals are available in various colors that suits your doors like Brown, Chocolate Ivory and sand colors. They are of price INR 499. So you can compare them to get best of them.

Utilize your wall space :

I generally utilize the wall-space for various purpose. But I would like to utilize by using it for utility purpose. Book shelves are best way to decor wall without any waste of resources. It will also jazzed up your home wall. Wooden Shelves are mostly suitable for all color walls. Beside if you do not prefer wooden shelves then you will also get  some decorative wall shelves. The price is are also reasonable as per choice of the product.

Here are Sample pic of Wooden Shelves :




So this is all about Deoc Home. Do checkout your best deals. Stay tune for more.If you have any query or nay opinion do comment below. Thank you for reading.

Asus Zenflash : Full Review

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Now a days smartphones are well equipped with flashes. There are various types of flashes single LED flash that genrally comes in Coolpad Note 3, Dual Tone flashes that equipped with Dual Tone Flash like in Mi 4i and ZenFone 2 Deluxe. Still there is one more type called three tone flash that have White, Yellow and Green color tone, this is quipped in Lenovo Vibe Shot. But still all flashes do not prove efficient when we talk about long range area coverage in  dark places. So Asus came up with idea of providing much batter quality of image by launching product call Asus ZenFlash.
Asus Zenflash Fist Impression

Unboxing :

When we have unboxed it. We have seen the following content :
  • Asus ZenFlash
  • Silicon Case For Asus ZenFlash
  • 2 Velcro strips 
  • User guide and other documents.

Pre-requisite for using Asus ZenFlash :

This Zenflash works only with Asus smartphone and not with other devices. You need Asus ZenFlash app to user Asus Zenflash. If you try and install Asus ZenFLash App on other phones obviously it will not get install. 

Look and Feel :

The first look of the ZenFlash is good. It comes with silicon compact cover or you can say it as case. Silicon cover will protect your zenflash from dust, water and other elements that affect it. It's size is almost equivalent to small match box. So you can think how compact and easy too help it ? right!

Front Side Of Asus ZenFlash :


As you can see in front it have flash light and  one light ambient sensor. Beside this it have Asus Logo mark. Asus Zenflash body is made from good quality of plastic giving it shiny and smooth outer structure. 

Back Side Of Asus ZenFlash :


As we can say in back side it have velcro in backside. This will allow you to attach it to ZenFlash to your smarpthone. This will be handy when you want to connect it to your smarpthone. The blue tape you are seeing will be attached to smartphone. You will get one extra pare of this blue tape velcro if you need in future.

Left Side Of Asus ZenFlash :


On left side of ZenFlash it have naught that holds the Micro USB cable that will attached to the smartphone for power supply. You can see that in above pic. We have intentionally kept it like that so you can see that. Once you pulled it out, you can unwrap the wire that wrap around the ZenFlash.

Right Side Of Asus ZenFlash :


On the other side of the Zenflash you have another light sensor that adjust light emitted by Zenflash while you click the pic. But it is necessary to place it right on the phone. This we will see in upcoming section. 

Now First Will see how to use Zenflash :

When we have taken out Zenflash for the first time. We have sometime to find out how actually it's packed. Obviously you can refer to user manual that comes with it. If you don't want to refer to user manual then you can see step by step how to do it.

Step 1


First take it out from silicon cover. Now you will see wire wrap around the Zenflash. Find the naught. Check on the left hand side of the Asus logo. You have to pull out micro USB cable from upper side(check the pic labeled left hand side Asus Zenflash)

Step 2 :

Then wire we have seen earlier can be unwrapped from sides of Zenflash so you can extend it till your smartphone charging port. After unwrapping the wire it looks like this. Now it't time to stick Zenflash to your Asus Smartphone.

Step 3 :


Now it's time to remove that blue tape and stick one side of velcro on Asus smartphone. First separate velcro and take blue tape part. Remove blue tape like shown in above pic. Now stick that part on back side of smartphone.

Step 4 :


After sticking that velcro behind your phone. It will look something like on above pic. Now is the most important part of the process. The way you attach the ZenFlash is most important. Will see in next step.

Step 5 :

Once done with above step now attach the ZenFlash as shown in above pic. The light sensor must face the flash light integrated in smartphone. From above it must be look like this.

Since you can see sensor beside the Zenflash will detect the light emitted by flash of smartphone. If you place it other way round then it may provide you undesirable results for the same. So just need to take care of the things.

Once you are done with above steps you are good to go. Now you just need to open the phone and connect Zenflahs. Asus Zenflash app start by itself, if not then launch it manually.

Performance :

Before talking about performance there are somethings you need to keep in mind before using it. Since Zenflash light is much brighter then the normal flash light so you need to maintain proper distance from the object. Since in Zenflash work with Xenon gas, by passing high voltage of current it will emit brighter light. That is the reason why in front and one side of Zenflash has light sensor in front and side arm. It will help you to adjust the light emission based on surround atmosphere. Not only it will balance the light emission but also provide proper sync between both flashes.

Zenflash has now battery for charging itself. Hence it will need connection to your smartphone. It will drain the power from your smartphone. Once you take the pic you need to give sometime to self-recharge zenflash to take another picture. If you are worried about velcro tape that you need to stick with smartphone. It is reusable and can work well with normal glues.

It seems that it works well with Zenfone 2 series. We have used it with Zenfone Deluxe. It provide good quality pictures in dark and very low light condition. 

Sample Image :

This pic are taken in very dark area of our colony  :

Note :Click on the picture to see in Real Size.



Final Words And Pricing :

Asus Zenflash has done what it has made for. It provide good amount of balance work that provide best quality pictures as you can see this in above pics. It is available in India for INR 1599/- which sounds costly. 

But do it's job well but still as we see the price perspective it looked little more. But if you want good pics in indoor parties and other such places it provide you good professional photography. But it have it's cons too. It drain your battery sine self-charges from your smartphone. You have to wait between 2 shots since it need charge itself.You cannot use this with other smartphones other then Asus Zenfone Series. What do you think about the same. Do write in comment below. Thank you for reading.

Kingston Computer Accessories Parts At Stuff Gadget Show 2015

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Every year we have witnesses the various tech gadgets showcasing and release at Stuff Gadget Show. This Stuff Gadget Show take place in Mumbai at BKC (Bandra Kurla Complex) along with car expo. Here you can see various companies representing their self and promoting their stuff. We were invited by Kingston exclusively. We have seen many gadgets and computer peripherals that, when added to your PC how your old PC perform faster then ever.


Here is brief synopsis what we have seen :

The idea behind the Kingston Tech Zone was to take three really old machines (about 5 years old), to upgrade it with only two of Kingston components - entry level 120GB SSD Now V300 SSD and entry level 8GB (RAM) HyperX Fury Memory, which jointly costs not more than Rs. 9,500/- it still hit an average transfer speed of more than 500 MB/s. 


Not just that, the systems still started in under 15 seconds and the game (CS: GO) still had an FPS rate of more than 500 (refer to one of the photos as proof). Almost all the people that came to the Kingston Tech Zone were surprised with the level of performance boost Kingston products can provide to such old machines. This built Kingston Solid State Drives and High Quality Memory modules in focus. This was really very cool computer having dual core processor running Counter Strike Go was outstanding.


Kingston introduced the incoming audience the entry level headset - HyperX Cloud Core - which caught the attention of both, the media enthusiasts and gamers. Looking at the warm reception with these, lounge had 1-on-1 CS: GO contests on the spot. Adding to which the Facebook and Twitter contests took the whole live experience, to the social platform & simply provided a Free WiFi zone. This resulted in reaching out to almost 20,000 people in just two days.

Since most of the people coming to Kingston Tech Zone were looking to buy new ones, this was a fantastic experience for them to see how by just changing a couple of components, Kingston exceeds their expectations!. SO this is all about it. Have any query any question do comment below. Thank you for reading.

FirstHandle App : Get Realtime Offers Info Around You Live

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After Android has gain popularity in the smartphone world there are various app that has been launched targeting various aspect of market. We have witness something different in the app world a unique idea for sharing what is going on around you at realtime.

FirstHandle App Launch Bloggers Group Pic
After a successful launch in New Delhi-NCR in August 2015, FirstHandle – an app that brings lucrative deals to the consumer in the vicinity, launched recently in Mumbai. FirstHandle plans to establish itself in the top eight cities of the country in the next one year.

What you must be thing what is so special about this app right ? This app allow you to share offers that offered by various merchants where you are shopping. You just have to share your that offer from your app and set start and end date of that offer. You are all done. This will notify other app users within 250 meters of your range. So they can also avail the benefit of this offer. So this more about what going on around you, you get updates at your figure tips.

So far in Delhi-NCR, FirstHandle has acquired over 5000 merchants and over 60,000 consumers since its initial launch and expects to touch 25,000 merchants and one million customers in the next six months. At prelaunch stage in Mumbai, FirstHandle has already acquired more than 2000 merchants and 5000 offers on its platform. This app is available on Android and Apple platform as for now. They are also plan to get this app on Window Platform as well.

This app not only provide benofits to consumers but also offer premium services like user insight and preference statistic. Vendors also can emphasize user preference and their changing trend quickly and grow their businees batter then ever.The app also factors in the gender and age of the audiences as well as preferences of the merchant with their promotions. In other words, it has the features in providing tools to the merchants to tune to the minds of the audiences around their establishments.

The online e-commerce market is still at a nascent stage accounting for 3% of the total pie of $620 billion in India. FirstHandle aims to address the opportunity for the balance 97% in the offline space and offer them online discovery platforms when they shop in and around brick and mortar outlets and facilitate offline transactions.

Let's hear some official's words about this :

Gaurav Sinha, CEO & Co-founder of FirstHandle Said :

"Our plan is to expand to top cities in India with an aim to facilitate over $1 billion transactions in next couple of years with pan India presence. We intend to have over 1,00,000 merchant establishments offering 10,00,000 hot deals in these cities, Currently the average ticket size of the deals through First Handle is Rs. 600/- and this is expected to rise to Rs. 1,000/- with increasing number of users” 
So here is all about FirstHandle App that allow benefits to consumers as well as vendors for their best potnstial. If you have any query or suggestion do comment below. Thank you for reading. 

Pernod Ricard India launches The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve‏s

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Mumbai, November 07, 2015: WELL BALANCED and INTENSELY SMOOTH. That’s the promise of The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve, the latest introduction from the house of the single malt that started it all. International Brand Ambassador Alex Robertson introduced the new expression from The Glenlivet portfolio as ‘the ultimate tribute to the founder George Smith’s original vision’.

The Glenlivet is the no.1 single malt in the world and India. Hand-crafted to meticulous perfection, The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve is a new, permanent benchmark expression in the brand’s core range giving it a supreme place in every connoisseurs list of favourites.
With Founder’s Reserve, The Glenlivet house style is skilfully complemented with creaminess and sweetness from the addition of First Fill American oak casks, resulting in a malt of exceptional smoothness; the very quality for which George Smith’s The Glenlivet was widely admired and appreciated in his day.


Speaking on the occasion, Alex Robertson, International Brand Ambassador – The Glenlivet, said,

“I am incredibly proud to have been part of The Glenlivet’s rich history and legacy. It’s indeed a pleasure and an honour to unveil The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve in front of such distinguished guests. This is my fifth visit to India, where our brand is the number one in single malts and I must say Indian cuisine is one of the best in the world. The cooking style, richness and taste just make it ideal to pair with The Glenlivet.”
Founder’s Reserve is a new benchmark for The Glenlivet. It offers the exceptional Master Distiller, Alan Winchester, the creativity and freedom to develop a new tasting experience for the consumer alongside the age statement products.
“The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve has at its core the perfectly balanced smooth and fruity flavour that The Glenlivet is renowned for.”,  
he added.
Commenting on the launch, Mr. Kartik Mohindra, Head - International Brands at Pernod Ricard India said,
“Founder’s Reserve brings to life the heart and soul of The Glenlivet. A single malt that traces its roots to the original flavors – The single malt that started it all. We are proud to present this new expression, as the latest addition to our prestigious portfolio of premium spirits.”
The new variant was launched at a bespoke event curated in Mumbai with renowned author Vikram Seth and The Glenlivet Brand Ambassador Alex Robertson. True to the brand’s essence of being associated with literature, the launch was preceded by a book reading session by author Vikram Seth to exemplify the core philosophy of The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve - Going back to the original, and paying tribute to a rich heritage. Connoisseurs of single malt were seen enjoying The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve along with a finely paired dinner menu at The Trident, Mumbai today.

It was a great evening with an aesthetically done up venue that brought alive the key ingredients of the brand’s success – a life size lantern shaped copper pot still, the Josie’s Well and a glorious art gallery set-up with images that epitomize the brand’s rich heritage.

Priced between INR 4750 to 6800 per 75 cl bottle (prices vary in each state), The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve will be available in NCR, Haryana, Mumbai and Bangalore. Additionally, it is available in Travel Retail – Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore for $48 per litre bottle.

eShopbox Announces Second Quarter 2015 Financial Results

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On 05 November 2015 in Gurgaon: eShopbox E-commerce Private limited has announced their financial standings for second quarter ending 30th September 2015. eShopbox E-commerce Private limited is an internet retailing partner for fashion brands. The company reported a quarterly revenue growth rate of 43 percent.


 If you don't know about eShopbox :

eShopbox is an on-demand e-Commerce technology and services company. They drive end to end e-Commerce functionalities for fashion brands and help them provide a unique, brand-centric experience to their clients. eShopbox is led by experts with a rare combination of skill sets including technology, order fulfilment and marketing. The team brings together these qualities and collaborates with emerging brands to deliver a rich eCommerce action.

Company Website:
 eShopbox is specialized in helping retailers for improving their sales volume allowing them to increase their overall growth. They also works with big giants in Ecommerce market viz. Jabong, Myntra, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Limeroad, Paytm and Amazon and others, as well as facilitating sales through comparison shopping sites and search marketing, reported that Myntra and Jabong topped eShopbox’s sales channel during the quarter, as measured by gross merchandise volume.

Here are some business Highlights for the same :

  • 21 new clients were added, increasing the total client base by 33%.
  • Average revenue per client on a twelve month trailing basis increased by 30 percent.
  • Strategic consulting fee contributed to 34% of revenue, whereas sales on various channels grew at 27 percent to form 60 percent of revenue in second quarter.
  • Huge investments were added in the web and analytics technology division.

Let's have look at some official words about the same : 

Mr Ankush Karwa, Co founder of eShopbox said :

“Revenue growth rate is above our expectations as our focus was to improve on our back end operations to meet the increasing sales during the upcoming festival season. We experienced a slowdown during transition of our warehouse operations to a larger and much more equipped fulfillment facility.”

In response to questions on company’s future plans, Mr Neeraj Choudhary, co-founder at eShopbox who takes care of the business development mentioned that the company is focusing its sales efforts to onboard large fashion brands to garner long term revenue. He mentions that such clients represent higher retention rates and high quality recurring revenue. He didn’t expect a slowdown in revenue growth rate due to such transition.

As per Mr. Nitin Bawankule, the Google Director for ecommerce and Online said that the fashion business in India through the e-commerce portals is expected to see a turnover of $35 billion by 2020. On the same positive note the Forrester, a leading global research and advisory firm has said that the Indian e-commerce markets will grow at the CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 57%, between 2012- 2016, fastest in the Asia-Pacific region. Indian e-tailing industry is expected to grow to $11.8 billion in 2015. Fashion brands are expected to gain a competitive advantage by association with end to end ecommerce service providers like eShopbox to enter highly dynamic and growing e-commerce market.

So here is all about the updates. Have any query or any suggestion do comment below. Thank you for reading.