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In Diwali we always look for getting rid of old fashion stuff and bring in new fashion with style. As we get new dress up our self with new style in Diwali like that we also want to Jazz Up Our Home. But when we think about it first thing comes to our mind is how much it will going to affect out pocket!! Isn't it ? Then while searching I came across DecoHome. Well I was amazed since I got quality product at reasonably good discount. You will get all items like decorative pillows, 
decorative wall shelves, decorative cushion covers, decorative cushions, decorative shelves and so on.


I was mainly looking for Door seal and Wall shelves. 

What I found about Door Seal :

Our door look very classical and very simple when they do not have door seal. So we were thinking about to have contrast color door seals. I have visited many sites and many store but didn't satifies and where I have found satisfactory product there prices were high. Then I have found quality door seals at Deco Home.

Door Seals
On Deco home door seals are available in various colors that suits your doors like Brown, Chocolate Ivory and sand colors. They are of price INR 499. So you can compare them to get best of them.

Utilize your wall space :

I generally utilize the wall-space for various purpose. But I would like to utilize by using it for utility purpose. Book shelves are best way to decor wall without any waste of resources. It will also jazzed up your home wall. Wooden Shelves are mostly suitable for all color walls. Beside if you do not prefer wooden shelves then you will also get  some decorative wall shelves. The price is are also reasonable as per choice of the product.

Here are Sample pic of Wooden Shelves :




So this is all about Deoc Home. Do checkout your best deals. Stay tune for more.If you have any query or nay opinion do comment below. Thank you for reading.

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