Vodafone Introduce Whole New App Experience For Their Users

Earlier was the time when Vodafone customers are confused with operating their MyVodfone App. Earlier Vodafone customers have to struggle a bit for getting used to with MyVodafone App. But on Dec 17th  2015 Vodafone as made drastically changes their MyVodafone app and made it very easy to use it. We are going to cover an overview and what other officials say about it in this article.


You can now get powerful personalized experience of customers using the MyVodafone App that can be accessed by Vodafone customers as per their convenience 24X7, free of any internet charges (in India)

Developed on a state-of-the-art platform with intuitive and customized interface, the MyVodafone App provides a personalized experience to postpaid and prepaid customers.

The new app that has been introduce by Vodafone has made it very easy and convenient to their users. What you want to see when you open the app ?
  • If you are prepaid customer then you want to check what is your balance status and internet balance at that point of time.
  • If you are post paid customer then you can check your last billing amount and internet usage for the same.(Can check in above image)
Beside this user also want to know which are others schemes that are being activated. So overall we can say user want how much resources he/ she has used and how much is remaining that they are paying for.

The MyVodafone App is everything that a customer desires -check their usage, plan details, pay bills, buy recharges and bonus cards, get best offers, access their M-Pesa account, recharge/pay bills for friends and family and so much more, giving him/her the power to manage their Vodafone number with their fingertips

Another exiting features added by Vodafone in this app is Vodafone Offer engine and M-Paisa usage. You can now operate others account in single app. 

Vodafone offer smart analytics provide a detailed analysis and learn from user experience on realtime bases for providing them specialized offer according to their usage trend. Beside if you are using M-Paisa so you can now use this wallet for bill payment. On the other hand manage multiple accounts, track bill payments and recharges, subscribe to new products and services and make MNP requests. Users are also prompted a choice of best pack and plan options basis their past usage trend.

Siddharth Banerjee And Kavita Nair 
Let;s hear what Siddharth Banerjee -National Head – Brand Communication & Insights And Kavita Nair Retail and Digital, Vodafone India say about this updates :
MyVodafone App, Kavita Nair - National Head - Retail and Digital, Vodafone India said, 
“Customers are gaining comfort with apps and are using them to shop, subscribe to services and access news/information. Keeping these evolving needs of customers in mind, the MyVodafone App is designed to provide them at their fingertips, a personalised interface of everything that is Vodafone. From accessing their services to managing their accounts or transacting or even getting their problems resolved, the app is a manifestation of Vodafone, on the smartphone.“

Siddharth Banerjee, National Head – Brand Communication & Insights, Vodafone India, said 
“The new MyVodafone App campaign aims at citing feature-led benefits of adopting and using the app, thereby driving home the key point that one can avail of Vodafone services, now on one’s phone. Accordingly a 360 campaign has been designed that clearly establishes MyVodafone App as a one-stop shop for all Vodafone related services. The much loved Zumi Army will engage with customers through different mediums, showcasing key features of the all new MyVodafone App.”
The MyVodafone App is available to all Android users and is free to download from Google Play. The app will be made available for other user interphases sequentially.

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