Asus Providing Android Marshmallow 6.0 Updates Roll Out By March 2016 - Check Your Device Is In List ?

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Today is good news for the Asus users. Asus today has announced their updates of Android Marshmallow 6.0 updates by March 2016. Right now they have announced some devices but as per info other devices will also get updates sooner.

The following ASUS smartphone models will receive the Android M (6.0) upgrade in March of 2016:
Note : Other products will also get the Android Marshmallow 6.0 update. We will keep you updated.

After installing Android Marshmallow 6.0 updates your device will replace Google Messenger, Calendar, and Gmail apps will automatically becomes your default apps. So those who prefer ASUS Messenger, ASUS Mail and ASUS Calendar then they can always get it downloaded from Google Play store. 

Google Nexus and couple of devices who are getting Android Marshmallow 6.0 updates which is specially tweaked and upgraded for performance enhancement along with better battery life. So Asus is still be one of the contender who is releasing Android Marshmallow 6.0 for their devices earlier this stage.

So here is all about latest updates about Asus. Any query any question do comment below. Thank you for reading.

C# Methods : In Depth With Example

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Since so long we have seen overview of basic programming structure of C#. In that we need to cove most important aspect of any programming language, we call it as Methods. Methods hide working of code that need to be performed repeatedly. We can call methods need to perform specific peace of code again and again. So it performs abstraction and code re-usability reducing the work of programmers.

C#-Methods-In Depth-With-Example

Before we move on further one must understand the structure of methods. This will make you understand better how programing structure is.

Defining Methods In C#

(Parameter List)
//body/code/ logic of methode

  • Access Specifiers:
    Access specifies denote wheather your class will be accessible to which elements. Mostly 3 access specifiers are used viz. Public, Private and protected. You can read here in more detail about access specifiers here.
  • Return Type:
    Return type defines what method is going to return some value, if yes then you need to define the type of value. Blow Used define method type we have created maxoftwo method that is going to return integer value(int). So whenever any method return any value such as int, float, double, string. If method is not returning any value then it must be marked as void.
  • Method Name:
    Method name is the name we will use for accessing that method. If we have class program with object name p. Under program we have method name called as abc(); So while accessing that method abc() is the name we will use. We can see this in user-define method example after sometime. But as some implied rules generally method name must be something that define it's function. Some logical name must be provided.
  • Parameter List :
    Parameter list is the argument that sometime required by methods. Some system define as well as user define methods require an argument to pass on in order to get the desire result from that method. But this parameters are option for methods. If method not reuqire it just leave that round bracket blank.
Methods are most important part of class and it defines the behavior of the class. All action about what class is all about which function must be perform by class is determine by methods define within that class. There are 2 type if class :
  • System Define Methods:
    This methods are usually defined by programming system itself. They are part of programing package and their definitions is already define by system. 
    We generally use Console.WriteLine(); and Console.ReadLine(); are 2 system define methods. WriteLine(); is used to print the parameters as text that display while executing the program on runtime.
    On the other hand ReadLine(); is used to take input from user unless system encounter Enter command.
    Printing text on runtime and Accepting data from user it define by Console class methods namely WritLine() And ReadLine(); Programmer just need to user it properly. Like there are many methods are define by system to help programmer making work easier for them.
  • User Define Methods :
    This methods are also called as custom methods. This methods are not a System defined they are define for different costume purpose.
    Let's understand this with the help of an example. In the program below we have created method called maxoftwo accepting 2 parameters for comparing 2 numbers. This is user define method that we have access through class object.
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text.RegularExpressions;

namespace Rextester
public class Program
public int maxoftwo(int a, int b)
int res;

return res;

public static void Main(string[] args)
int a=100,b=200;
int res;
Program p= new Program();
res= p.maxoftwo(a,b);

Console.WriteLine("Max Value is {0}",res);
Output :

Max Value is 200
In the example above code Program is the class where method maxoftwo resides. For accesing the same we user the period sign. But before that we need to create object p. We created object busing new keyword.  After doing this we can access method using
 in our code check this code for above expression:

The Barter System On : Buy Sell Or Exchange Your Old Thing For New Things

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What if I'll tell you, you can exchange your old things for new things that too for free of cost. Can you believe??  Yes this is true with Faida is one of it's kind site that allow you to exchange you any old thing such as book, electronics, smartphone, cloths, movies and so on for new or latest one without any money. Not only this but you can sell your old products too if you want to raise some bucks from it.

In earlier times barter system was very popular in India when there was not medium for (money) exchange the things. at that time buyers and sellers used to exchange the product directly. is also work on same bases. You can also sell old stuff for cash as a trend these days. So whatever you do you always be in Faida (profit) weather you buy, sell or exchange.

Old Electronic For Sale:

We have lot of electronic that we have bought or gift from our loved once that are kept unused like old laptops, refrigerator, computer and so on. Rather than wasting space in one corner at home, we can sell used electronics, old laptop, refrigerator, used computer. Isn't it amazing? This will not only help you to get rid of unused old stuff but help to raise some funds for buying new one or another activity.

Get Your Self New Smartphone or Tablet:

You start to think your smartphone isn't smart anymore and started to give you problem like slow down, out of memory or want to upgrade form better one. Then you can also sell old mobile and get some cash for new one or you can exchange with someone that seeking for smartphone you want to exchange.

Search For Other Things for Buying Selling and Exchanging:

Electronics and smartphones are just small part and parcel of category that can be deal on You can deal with your old furniture, buy second hand books online, used gym equipment and so on.

So overall we can say is one of it kind site where you can generate some cash from your old stuff or can exchange in something others are seeking by fulfilling your wishes. So here is all about . If you have any question or nay thing do comment below. Thank you for reading.

Why Fuel Economy Is Very Important In #SmartTrucking

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When we talk about development of country transportation play an important role in overall development. For transporting resources like Raw material, Man power, fuel, finished or semi finished products road ways becomes essential. Trucks play important role for road transportation. But Fuel Economy Is Very Important aspect for getting most out of you vehicles.


 What Is Fuel Economy? 

Fuel economy is considered as relationship between distance traveled by vehicle and amount of fuel consume by vehicle. Consumption can be expressed in terms of volume of fuel to travel a distance.

Why it is important to Maintain Fuel Economy: 

Here are certain factor that are considered as most important while talking about importance of Fuel Economy in vehicle:

Save your Money:

Fuel is the only thing that play vital role in overall truck or vehicle performance. The cost of fuel is directly related to the cost of goods needs to be delivered. If your vehicle consume more fuel then normal base line it is obvious, you need to empty your pocket faster for refilling your fuel tank. Hence taking good care of your engine and other parts of vehicle helps you to improve overall performance of the vehicle and save your money too.

Increasing Energy Sustainability :

Since we do not have permanent and long lasting alternative that is as efficient and powerful as fuel like petrol and diesel and CNG. But unfortunately majority of our vehicles are using this non renewable resources that has been buried deep down our earth crust. On the other hand they are also limited in terms of their availability. Hence scientist today are searching for their alternative. Beside today's vehicle regardless of personal or commercial are based on non renewable resources. Hence until we have some alternative that is completely able to replace tradition fuel consuming technology Fuel Economy will allow us to use it fro longer period of time.

Reduce Oil Dependency Cost :

Oil dependency is the major concern for majority country in the world. Fuel economy play important role in reducing oil dependency. Fuel economy ultimately increase fuel efficiency of vehicle in order to reduce consumption of fuel. This allow sustaining oil reserve of the country. That allow the government to save some bucks on oil reserves and invest then in other development activities.

Help In Reducing Global Warming :

Tradition fuel consumption practice has given a rise to new problem of global warming. The green house gases especially Carbon Dioxide is major emitting  gas that has been rising day by day. Fuel economy will reduce carbon emission since it will use fuel efficiently. 

I’m writing this blog post for the MTBD #SmartTrucking activity at BlogAdda. I am pleaser to show this aspect of trend. Here is all about importance of Fuel Economy. If you  have any opinion do comment below. Thank you for reading.

India’s First ‘Ather Energy’s Smart Scooter’ Set To Launch Soon

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Automobiles of tomorrow will operate at the intersection of connectivity, data and intelligence. Big data will add a new dimension to the evolution of performance and safety aspects. But the next big leap in automobiles would be driven by the vehicle’s ability to connect to the larger eco-system. Not only this but, as well as leveraging data for vehicle level optimization and delivering a personalized & intuitive ride experience. Ather Energy is all set to enter this phase of automobile evolution with the launch of its smart scooter the S340.


The scooter is the maiden venture of Ather Energy, a Bangalore based technology start-up by IIT graduates Tarun Mehta & Swapnil Jain. It will debut at SURGE on Feb 23. Automobiles of tomorrow will operate at the intersection of connectivity, data and intelligence. Big data will add a new dimension to the evolution of performance and safety aspects. 

SURGE is Web Summit’s first conference in India. Web Summit is one of the biggest and most popular technology summits globally that is known to be a great platform for start-ups and investors. Over the last few years, Web Summit has seen the participation of technology players ranging from Fortune 500 companies like Apple and Google to the most exciting start-ups including Airbnb and Uber.

Let's here some official words about Ather Energy’s Smart Scooter :

Tarun Mehta, CEO and co-founder of Ather Energy says:

Our focus on connectivity and data analytics enables us to offer a unique ride experience. Access to system level data open the possibilities of understanding ride behaviour on a continuous basis and update vehicle parameters based on it. To start with the S340 comes with a touchscreen dashboard that provides on-board navigation, the ability to create personalised profiles with preferred vehicle settings, ride modes and a host of features. With electric set to be future of automobiles, Ather has built a high speed electric scooter – with a powerful Li-ion battery pack and sub-one hour charging.
In an ecosystem dominated by software players, Ather Energy is among the few hardware start-ups in India. Their first product, the S340 is completely designed in-house and will commence commercial production in Bengaluru later this year. The company received funding from Tiger Global, Flipkart founders Sachin & Binny Bansal.  

So this is all about latest tech trend from upcoming market leaders. Stay tuned for more updates. Thank you for reading.

Teaser Of Movie Tandav Starring Manoj Bajpai Released

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We all know the Bhikhu Mhatre in film Satya, yest I am talking about Manoj Bajpai. Manoj Bajpai has also be seen in new movie Aligarh. We have invited to check Manoj Bajpai upcoming moview teaser Tandav released by online film streaming websites

As you can see in the poster Manoj Bajpai acting as head constable in the movie who is struggling in his life. Since one side he he want to travel his life journey on righteous path where on the other hand his faces problem which can be solved if he select the dark paths. 

Tandav is described as a vigorous dance by lord Shiva that is the source of the cycle of creation, preservation and dissolution. The Taandav dance in itself depicts angry dance movements, and immersing oneself in that dance to overcome the feeling of frustration.

This movie is intended for us that we do not notice many things in out day to day life. This things are part of daily life still we tend to ignore it or we are so buys to notice that happening. Manoj Bajpai shown as policeman who is very honest police head constable but that honesty do not fulfill his basic needs which general man need indeed. Through Manoj’s character the short film tries to show the massive struggle and frustration they go through every day on the job.

Let's here some official words about this :

Piiyush Singh of says

“We are a platform dedicated to independent film makers and Taandav is a showcase of the kind of talent that exists in our country today”

Techsmart And Style Savvy Belkin Leather Tassel USB Cable

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The Belkin award-winning product lines include Valet Charge Dock for Apple Watch and iPhone, QODE keyboards, and cable and power products. The Company’s product offerings, efficient and enjoyable experience for people to use technology. Belkin launches new product for Valentine's day. as they say tech with style.

 Belkin Leather Tassel USB Cable In Multi Color Options
Belkin announces a new line of fashion-inspired charging cables. MFi certified to ensure iOS compatibility, these Lightning to USB cables are designed to conveniently clip on/off to any bag, purse or keychain. So users are never miss charging of their iPhone, iPod or iPad with this cables. The new fashion cables are available in three design options: a leather tassel, a braided USB clip and a metallic keychain are available.

Kartik Bakshi, national sales manager, India Says about this:

Cables have become a vital accessory and Belkin wants to make it easy, fun & fashionable for people to charge anytime anywhere.Our new collection of fashion charging accessories brings together both creativity and technology in a beautiful way that makes it ‘must-have’ item in everyday lives especially for the rapidly growing fashion conscious population in India. We are delighted to launch them with key partners that share our vision.

Made from leather, the MIXIT Lightning to USB Tassel disguises as a purse accessory while cleverly hiding the premium metallic charging cable. Its fringe design takes a purse from bleak to chic, keeps the cable tidy and prevents it from getting tangled. Available in fog, camel, coral and black, the MIXIT Lightning to USB tassel matches any purse or bag. Here is an example of it.


MIXIT Lightning to USB Tassel (F8J174) Features Summon Up :

  • 4A charging cables
  • Braided cables designed to complement tassel color
  • Cables concealed by tassel cords
  • Complementing metal hardware
  • Total length approx. 7”
  • Leather
  • Easily clips on to your bag, purse or luggage
  • Product length 172mm with 118mm cable
  • Available in camel, coral, fog and black

Pricing and Availability

The MIXIT Lightning to USB leather tassel will be available from February in the leading retail and online retailers as well as dealers at an MRP of Rs. 3199.

Here is all about latest release from Belkin in beginning of new year.  Stay tuned for more. Thank you reading.