The Barter System On : Buy Sell Or Exchange Your Old Thing For New Things

What if I'll tell you, you can exchange your old things for new things that too for free of cost. Can you believe??  Yes this is true with Faida is one of it's kind site that allow you to exchange you any old thing such as book, electronics, smartphone, cloths, movies and so on for new or latest one without any money. Not only this but you can sell your old products too if you want to raise some bucks from it.

In earlier times barter system was very popular in India when there was not medium for (money) exchange the things. at that time buyers and sellers used to exchange the product directly. is also work on same bases. You can also sell old stuff for cash as a trend these days. So whatever you do you always be in Faida (profit) weather you buy, sell or exchange.

Old Electronic For Sale:

We have lot of electronic that we have bought or gift from our loved once that are kept unused like old laptops, refrigerator, computer and so on. Rather than wasting space in one corner at home, we can sell used electronics, old laptop, refrigerator, used computer. Isn't it amazing? This will not only help you to get rid of unused old stuff but help to raise some funds for buying new one or another activity.

Get Your Self New Smartphone or Tablet:

You start to think your smartphone isn't smart anymore and started to give you problem like slow down, out of memory or want to upgrade form better one. Then you can also sell old mobile and get some cash for new one or you can exchange with someone that seeking for smartphone you want to exchange.

Search For Other Things for Buying Selling and Exchanging:

Electronics and smartphones are just small part and parcel of category that can be deal on You can deal with your old furniture, buy second hand books online, used gym equipment and so on.

So overall we can say is one of it kind site where you can generate some cash from your old stuff or can exchange in something others are seeking by fulfilling your wishes. So here is all about . If you have any question or nay thing do comment below. Thank you for reading.

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