Upgrade Asus Zenwatch 2 (WI501Q & WI502Q) To Latest Software

After little time Asus has finally announced update to their Android Wear - Asus Zenwatch 2. This software release bought lot of feature improvement that users are waiting for.

Android has done some amazing work for integrating Android OS with wearables. That has changed the entire scenario especially watch.

Get  Asus Zenwatch 2 For You :

Let's see what are the new features bought by Asus in Zenwatch 2 in this system upgrade.

  • Speaker Support :
    Many user asked the question earlier about even thought ZenWatch 2 (WI501Q) has inbuilt speaker but they are not working so what was the reason. But Google New version of Android wear has added support for it. Now Asus has provided speaker support for their ZenWatch 2 (WI501Q). So user can now make call, set alarm, listen to notification tone when connected with smartphone.
  • Gesture Support :
    By using gesture support you can do many things using one hand. Move back and forth in menu. Select option or just back to home screen. But to use that you need enable it from the setting. But obviously it will consume little more battery.
    Wrist gestures are turned on by default on most watches. To make sure they're turned on:
  1. Touch your watch face to wake it up.
  2. Swipe left ← .
  3. Scroll down to settings
  4. And Enable Wrist gesture.
  • Screen Dimming Gesture:
    Earlier in Asus Zenwatch 2 there was a functionality when you move your wrist clockwise such that it set into your viewing angles it will automatically light up. Now if you want to Dim it using gesture you just have move your wrist anticlockwise. This will dim the lock screen and save your battery life.  
  • Selection and De-selection of App; 
    If you want to navigate though various notification and functionalities you just need to move you hand orientation clockwise quickly. If you want to check previous notification then move your hand orientation anti clockwise. If you are in setting and wan to go into sub menu just wave your hand down it will take you to sub menu and when you want to cancel action or come of in main menu just wave up.
  • Audio Message:
    Apps that support audio messages. You can play they message from directly Asus Zenwatch 2. So your friend has send audio  message on whatsapp then directly play it from Android Wear no need to take out your smartphone from the pocket.

When you will get the update In Your Asus Zenwatch :

When an update to your Android Wear software is available, you'll get an automatic notification on your watch when your watch is connected to the charger, is within Bluetooth range of your phone, and your phone is on and connected to the Internet.

How to Manually Update Asus ZenWatch 2 :

If in case you are not getting update notification follow the steps below to perform manually :
  1. Pair ASUS ZenWatch 2 with a phone running Android 4.3 or iOS 8.2 or higher
  2. On ASUS ZenWatch 2, swipe left on the watch face
  3. Select Setting>About>System Update 
  4. Follow instruction shown on screen to update your watch
  5. Do not disconnect your device from charger and smartphone unless your Android Wear is update completed.

Still if you want to be on safer side you can go to nearby service center of Asus that will help you to update your device safely. So that's all about Android Wear Asus Zenwatch 2. If you have any question or any query do comment below. Thank you for reading. 

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