First Multilingual All-in-One Multimedia App Chillx By Reliance Entertainment

Recently Reliance Entertainment led by Anil Ambani announced a new venture in a Digital Media Content and Distribution company, called ‘FunOnGo Media & Entertainment LLP’.Reliance Entertainment has partnered with FunOnGo which founded by Vijay Singh and Ujjwal Narayan for this venture.

Chillx is the first of it's kind of multilingual app that more focuses on regional centric stuff. You can get all under one roof like Android apps, games. Not only this but it also offers different regional flavor of music and videos and other multimedia content based on user's language selection. This is one of the USP this app Chillx. Most of the content is free for their users but some content is paid. You view the premium content once you pay for it.

To pay for premium content either you can pay using banking system or there something called rearward points which you can get by referring to others and liking content or any other activity that specified in the app. Not only that this app is smart enough to understand from the user experience to provide the suggestion in future according to your area of interest. 

You can easily create an account using email ID and mobile number or you can also create your account on the app using any social media site like Facebook, Google Plus etc.

Let's hear some word from the stake holder of the app:

Sweta Agnihotri, CEO – Content Syndication, Reliance Entertainment- spoke about Chillx;
"While Apps downloaded are mostly in line with global popularity, interest in content consumption in regional language is high. We see smart phone screen as a fantastic gateway to the consumer and our cross functional team will leverage its understanding of content and industry relationships to amplify value offering to the consumer.”

Vijay Singh CEO, FunOnGo Media & Entertainment LLP- said:
“This endeavor allows us to widen the scope of consumer engagement on a scale that is possible only when you are a part of India’s leading entertainment conglomerate like Reliance Entertainment.” 

Shibasish Sarkar, Chief Operating Officer, Reliance Entertainment said:
“Digital platforms are encouraging a wider audience with diverse consumption patterns, we recognize that this calls for innovative approach in the manner we produce and present our content. The launch of Chillx is in line with our business vision.”

You can download this game from Google Play Store for free. You have any other question or any query do let us know in comments below. Stay tuned for more. Thank you for reading. 

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