Reasons To Select Zenfone 3 Max As Your Smartphone Device

There are smartphones that look good, have a decent camera or offer a good battery life. However, it is difficult to come across a smartphone that packages all these features and more. This is where Asus latest addition to the hugely successful Zenfone 3 family, Zenfone 3 Max comes into the picture. 

Given below are reasons that show the superior capabilities of Zenfone 3 Max:

Design and Construction:

Design is imperative for a smartphone to have an aesthetic appearance besides offering advanced features. A smartphone needs to be made out of superior quality material in order to look and feel luxurious.

Zenfone 3 Max sports a sophisticated glass touchscreen wiht full-metal, aluminium alloy-body. Its brilliant diamond cut chamfered edges, shiny metallic finish, are matched around the back by a gently curving rear cover that feels natural to hold, giving the phone a sleek and elegant look.


Smartphones are used for a multitude of tasks such as accessing e-mails, social media accounts, playing games, watching videos and movies and listening to songs. They are no longer the simple gadget meant to make calls and send text messages. As such, it is important for them to sport a battery that can support the user’s requirements without making them look for an alternate source of power to charge their phones. Equipped with an extremely long-lasting, high capacity 4100mAh lithium-polymer battery, 

Camera Modes and Features:

Designed specifically for photography enthusiasts, the two versions of Zenfone 3 Max (5.5 inch & 5.2 inch) feature extraordinary 16 MP and 13 MP cameras respectively that deliver crystal clear images. The PixelMaster cameras capture beautiful, high-resolution photos with zero shutter lag. The smartphones also sport 8 MP (5.5 inch) and 5 MP (5.2 inch) front cameras for flawless selfies.

The industry-leading Backlight (Super HDR) mode lets users see clearly through daytime shadow, Super Resolution captures multiple shots simultaneously for a single photograph with stunning 64MP(5.5 inch)/ 52MP(5.2 inch) detail and Low Light mode takes clear and bright photos, even in poor lighting. The 16MP camera of the Zenfone 3 Max (5.5 inch) features an advanced triple technology autofocus system which ensures a superfast focus time of 0.03 seconds.— laser, phase detection and conventional contrast detection for continuous auto-focus.

Privacy and Security:

Since smartphones have become the primary device for most users, they tend to contain a plethora of personal and professional information, making it extremely important to ensure proper security of the device. An accurate fingerprint sensor comes in handy in such cases. At the same time, it is important for the sensor to be blazing fast in order to allow speedy access to the smartphone.

To ensure the user’s security, Zenfone 3 Max has a fingerprint sensor that is conveniently positioned near the top of the rear panel. The fingerprint sensor allows rapid locking or unlocking of the phone, and can also be used for authentication by other apps. It also registers up to five separate fingerprints, and accurately detects fingerprints regardless of the orientation of the finger on the sensor in as swiftly as 0.03 seconds. 


A smartphone should be able to provide superior performance and support the user’s daily needs. It needs to have good hardware specifications that can aid the users complete their tasks smoothly and without any lags.

Equipped with a powerful processor, Zenfone 3 Max delivers outstanding performance. Together with a 3GB RAM, the smartphone provides a greater responsiveness and ability to run graphically demanding games. While the internal memory of both variants is 32 GB, the 5.5 inch is further expandable to 128GB and the 5.2 inch to 32GB, allowing more than sufficient storage for your images, videos, games, etc. 

User Interface:

Zenfone 3 Max runs on the latest version of Google Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), and features the latest ZenUI 3.0 interface. ZenMotion Touch Gesture allows the quick launch of apps from standby simply by writing a letter on the smartphone’s blank screen; GamGenie is a new game supporting app that automatically starts when a game launch is detected which allows users to stream live game screens to social media platforms, and provides an in-game browser useful for finding tips, walkthroughs, guide videos and cheats

So here are all about why to select Zenfone 3 Max as your smartphone device. If you have any question or query do let us know in comment below. Thank you for reading.

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