Cygen Infotech Introduces Celframe Products In Indian Market

While the country has taken a hit with chaos amidst the demonitisation, there is an exciting movement in the Indian IT market. Cygen Infotech, a company based in Mumbai has brought the global technology player Celframe in India. With over 7 million registered users in 70 countries, Celframe develops and distributes a wide range of Office and Home software solutions. In a conversation with us, Co-founders Prakash Krishnan and Sripad Murthy share insights on their product and offerings. Krishnan has been a veteran in the computer business while the other two founders Sripad Murthy and Pradeep Nair are senior bankers.

Celframe has 3 categories of products for the Indian market. One is Celframe Office and other two are Celframe Security and Celframe CRM. We tried our hands on Celframe office for few days and it looks quite smooth to operate and function. The most widely used office documents are Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. As an alternative solution to this Celframe has Celframe Write and Celframe Spreadsheet which look exactly similar to the ones we use now. This probably takes care of the trouble we face while switching from any app or software we use in our daily lives. Celframe has every other solution that Microsoft offers, the only difference is the price range at which they are offering. The company has successfully managed to cut down the license cost by 30% to 40%, thus making it a truly affordable alternative.

Let's hear some official wording From Stake Holders:

Mr. Sripad Murthy :

“We are delighted to bring Celframe to India. We are the seventh-largest economy and are also one of the G-20 major economies in the world. With the current government coming up with initiatives aimed at making India a business and digital hub, we at Cygen are committed to bridge the gap of providing the best and affordable IT solutions across the nation. Through our Pan-India partner distribution network, we will be distributing Celframe’s suite of software products and solutions which includes Celframe Office, Celframe Anti-virus Security plus and Celframe CRM among others”.
Mr. Prakash Krishnan:

“At Cygen, we are focused on increasing business efficiency by providing robust and reliable IT solutions at affordable prices. Celframe has a strong track record globally and is an industry leader in the technology space. Our collaboration with them will help a varied segment of users in India to tackle real IT problems and leverage technology to drive business efficiency. We are very confident of helping our partners, distributors and customers alike”
We are yet to test the Anti-virus and other products of Celframe but the things that we tried like Celframe Office Draw, Office Launcher, Office Studio, Office Note Maker, Photo Album etc worked flawlessly. You do not need any modifications on your computer to use Celframe. Just download the trial version from and get going. With such effective products at an affordable price, we encourage our readers to avoid using pirated softwares and stay safe from cyber thefts and frauds.

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