SERV’D: Serves Your Household Needs And Social Upliftment

SERV’D is an app or call it a platform that connect with local people, who work as Maids/Housekeepers, Cooks, Drivers and Nannies for others to earn their livelihood. Serv’d is specially focused on serving your household needs with betterment of service provide too. No need to worry about their monthly payment in cash I can pay online using Serv’d.

Above stated was just a core part that application is providing to their user. But there is a lot more that you need to know about! 

Here are key feature of this app:
  • Once hired all things like fee, leaves, bonus etc. will be documented in the app itself.
  • (USP) Multiple modes of payment, for transferring money to the Provider’s bank account
  • Keeps Track of absenteeism or layoff of service provider and ensure the fair billing cycle.
  • We will discuss all this features one by one:
First thing I have to do is register myself on this app as user. On first start it will ask your details like Name, Mobile Number, Date Of birth and so on. To verify your mobile number OTP(One time password) will be send to my number. Once done you are part of Serv’d. 

Now I can search for service provider that are already registered on Serv’d system and\or you can register the service provider that already working at your home.

How to do it?
I just need to enter their details in the application like I did when you use it for the first time. Along with their ID proof. Just I need to ensure your service provide have bank account. Once done Serv’d team will verify all their Id’s and make sure service provider you are registering on system are genuine.

Why to do this?
Once new service provider becomes part of the system all terms and condition are documented, that is both parties entered into contract stating their condition they agreed upon. It will keep track record of service provider for their leaves and ensure fair billing cycle.

Multiple modes of payment, for transferring money to the Provider’s bank account
As we have mentioned earlier service provider must have bank account opened in any bank. Their banking details are also filled during their registration time. This will help out PM’s movement of go cashless easier and you can evade the effect of demonetization. This thing ensure that service provider get their payment on time based on terms and condition. User and provider agreed on and also their absenteeism. This remind you for payment need to be done to service provider for each billing cycle as per your preference. Also, provide multiple payment option via bank account. So, no need to have cash for paying service providers, no need to keep reminders for taking cash out of bank, no effect of demonetization and go cashless at the same time. This make social upliftment on part for service provider. Since this are the people who don’t have bank account, so not even aware of advantages if having bank account.

So here is all about Serv’d that you must know. You can download the app from HERE. Use and be a one as a part of change. If you have any query or question do write us below in comment. Stay tuned for more. Thank you for reading

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