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In today's busy scheduled life when we work for entire weekdays and get weekend to rest. In that too you do not want to overburden yourself by doing additional household chores like fixing leaking taps or doing pest control and so on. Additionally, neither you want to spend your entire weekend looking for person who can do this for you. Well here is the one click solution for Timesaverz

When you visit the site first thing you will ask for your location viz. Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Delhi. Once location is selected you can select the service such as Cleaning and you will also find specific subcategory of like Post Party, Sofa, Home, Car, Washroom and so on. Main categories are Cleaning, Painting, Pest-Control, Repairs, Home Interiors, Handyman.

Based on your location and service choice service person from Timesaverz visit your place based on your time and date selection. I still remember when my smartphone was broken. I was wondering where to go and how to get it repaired. Since there were no nearby mobile repair shops. I don’t want to buy a new one. Since this becomes challenge for me what to do. One of my friend suggested me to use the Timesaverz service.

But still I was bit conscious about but had no option. I have availed the service and person arrived on schedule time he has done all repairing in front of me. Since the person was friendly, he explained everything what was the problem. So now I am very much confident for using Timesaverz service without any hesitations. The rates that I have inquired on shops are high but Timesaverz charged reasonable rate. I am using it since last 3 months but my smartphone working like a charm and never faced a same problem ever since it is being repaired.

They not only have their presence online but you can avail their service using smartphone app as well. So, if you not having laptop just a smartphone with internet connection open the app and use it. It’s all in your small pocket now.

This is all about Timesaverz we have given all updates for the same. Stay tuned for more. Thank you for reading.

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