Asus ZenWatch 2 (WI502Q) Review : Perfect Budget Smartwatch

Asus Zenwatch 2 is launched almost a year ago. This is one the best wearable available in the market till the date. Today we are going to review Asus ZenWatch 2 (WI502Q) which is one of the variant. Will check more about this watch in detail incoming section.

Pros of Asus Zenwatch 2 :
  • Convenient Power Button At the Side Of Watch.
  • Excellent Battery Life.
  • Best Budget Smartwatch.
  • Fast Charging (60% in 30 Min)
  • Comes in Different Size.
Cons Of Asus Zenwatch 2 :
  • Large Bezels.
  • Lack of Hear Rate Monitor.

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Design And Display:

We have many smartwatch available in the market like Moto 360, LG Watch, Honor Watch and so on. But Zenwatch 2 is one of the best for their design and it is the first thing noticed by everyone. It comes in many colors scheme of the stainless steel body including silver, gunmetal, and rose gold. Made from a high quality stainless steel, the smartwatch looks and feels beautiful and elegant. Asus ZenWatch 2 (WI502Q) has design language that somewhat resembles a traditional luxury watch, maintaining a nice and simple form.

Asus Zenwatch 2 have 45.2 x 37.2 x 11.8 mm dimension. It have no cellular connectivity. Smartwatch have 1.45 inches if screen with AMOLED display having 280 x 280 pixel resolution. This smartwatch have 40 % screen to body ration which is much more. As we have mentioned it has larger bezels. Beside this Zenfone 2 comes with Gorilla glass 3 protection and worked really good when it comes to scratch proofing. Smartwatch also provide detachable belts that you can replace as per your choice. While on the back side you have magnetic fast charger and specification.

Performance And Hardware :

Software And Hardware:

Zenwatch equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, backed by 512 MB RAM, which continues to be the standard processing package for almost every Android Wear smartwatch. It have further 4 GB internal storage which can be sued to store some apps.

On software part, there is not a lot you are going to find different when compared to the other Android Wear smartwatches. Since is Google not allowing for any significant tweaking or skinning of their smartwatch operating system. After getting this smartwatch it has updated itself twice. It comes with Android 6.0.1 with Android wear version 1.5.0 in your device. Once you sync the smartwatch with your smartphone it will automatically pickup the app, that can push the notification on smartphone as well as Zenwatch 2. It will show notification like Weather. Music, Paytm, Hangout, Facebook, Gmail, Outlook,SMS app and so on. 

You can also get preloaded watch faces that allow you to customize the watch information along with displaying time like Steps, Calories burned, Weather information, battery remaining and so on. Some watch have allow only 3 customize addon available in screen while some allow 5. You can download even more form Play Store or create some of your own using Face-Designer. You can set all this faces from your smartphone as well using Zenwatch Manager. You can also click from your smartphone using remote camera. 

Zenwatch 2 also help you to keep yourself feet by providing Asus Zenfit app. That will show you calories burnt and steps count. Just lack of heart rate sensor. But step counter is very accurate on this smartwatch. 

You can also do many thing like read notification or messages form WhatsApp, Hangout, Facbook, SMS, even you can read your mail in part and parcel. You can even control your music playback using this smartwatch so if you are in crowded place or train then you can switch the song using Zenwatch 2.


Battery life on this device is excellent. Even thought it have 300mAh and integrated with AMOLED display, still provide excellent battery life around 1 and half day. Zenwatch 2 also equipped with magnetic fast charging that allow you to charge it 60% in 30 min of charging. But still it depend on usage of user. Like setting brightness at level 3 will provide nice viewing with conserving battery life. Also how many app on your device are sync for push notification in Zenwatch 2 also decide how much battery will be drained during the day time. Even though you are heavy user battery will last more then a day.

Pricing And Final Words:

Asus Zenwatch is priced at almost around 10K on Flipkart. Which is quite reasonable. There are some other variants which are available at 14k and 16k price bracket. The device is perfect for the busy person or those who do not like to take out the smartphone from their pocket. Since device provide all updates on screen. It will help you to stay fit by tracking steps and sleep tracking. You need to charge the device once in 2 days. Display is also pleasant and easily visible in direct sunlight. 

This all update on Asus ZenWatch 2. Any query or any question or your opinion about the same, do comment below. Stay tuned for more. Thank you for reading.

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