Zeta : Save Your Tax With Additional Benefit

Zeta - the venture from the tables of Directi. Zeta is on a mission to make digital payments easy, inclusive and valuable for corporations, employees, and merchants in India. Zeta is a product revolve around a key idea that spending and receiving money and it should be easy, fast, and trouble-free.

Zeta offerings include as follows:
Optima makes it possible for employees to take home their Tax benefits that they must get. For corporations, it offers the unique advantage of managing all grants digitally on one single portal. This enable corporate to bring down time, costs and resources involved in managing employee benefits. The Optima suite includes digitised solutions for meal vouchers, medical reimbursements, fuel and conveyance claims, LTA, communications reimbursements, tax-free gift vouchers, gadget purchase reimbursements and more.

2) Spotlight:
Spotlight offers a customisable one-stop gifting solution that addresses all kinds of gifting requirements for corporations. The suite of solutions include :
1) Instagift - the best option for one-time gifting,
2) Digi Gift - great for repeating gifting programmes and
3) Incentives - cash grants disbursed and managed digitally. All Spotlight grants enjoy wide acceptance in India and can be used via the app as well as physical cards.

3) Express:
Express is a smartphone-based meal ordering and payment solution that is revolutionising the corporate cafeteria space. Zeta Express is complemented by the Zeta Express Kiosk, which is an automated cashier that eliminates the need of queuing up at cafeterias.

Apart from its varied range of offerings are there:

Zeta has also introduced a unique payment suite comprising - the Zeta app, a Mastercard-powered physical card, Super Card and an NFC-enabled sticker, Super Tag, through which all Zeta grants can be used and accessed.
The Optima suite of smart benefits includes:

Optima Meal Vouchers:
An electronic meal voucher programme that replaces non-compliant paper vouchers and meal cards, with a 100% compliant, fully digitised solution. Optima Meal Vouchers can be spent via the Zeta app and the Super Card at 3 lakh+ outlets and can help your employees. Optima Meal Vouchers can also be spent at office cafeterias with the Zeta Super Tag.

Optima Medical Reimbursements:
The first fully digitised medical reimbursements programme in India, Optima Medical Reimbursements lets employees file claims on-the-go via the Zeta app. Optima Medical Reimbursements grants can be spent via the Zeta app and the Super Card.

Optima Fuel Travel Card:
A digitised solution to manage fuel and transport expenses, employees receive grants from their organisations on their Optima Fuel & Travel Card. The balance in this virtual card can be spent at any fuel or vehicle maintenance station via the Super Card. Employees also have the option to upload bills via the Zeta app and file for fuel or transportation reimbursements. Employees can also use the Fuel & Travel Card to file claims against costs incurred during their commute to work.

Optima Communications Card:
The Optima Communications Card is a digital solution that helps users save up to 30% in taxes on communications bills. Employees receive their communications grants on their Optima Communications Card, which they can use to pay mobile, landline, data card and internet bills via the Zeta app.

Optima Gadget Card:
The Optima Gadget Card not only allows employees to save up to 30% in taxes on the purchase of gadgets, it also helps organisations save tax on the gadget’s depreciation. Employees receive grants to purchase gadgets in their Optima Gadget Card, which they can either claim on a monthly basis or accumulate to purchase a gadget at the end of the year with the Super Card or via the Zeta app.

Optima LTA Card:
Definitely the most compliant LTA programme out there, the solution is the first digitised LTA claims platform in India. Optima LTA Card ensures your claims are in line with all compliance guidelines and gives organisations the flexibility to outsource verifications of travel documents to Optima. Employees can upload relevant documents via the Optima LTA Card on the Zeta app and receive reimbursements. They can save up to 30% in taxes with the Optima LTA Card.

Optima Gift Card:
With the Optima Gift Card, employees can receive tax-free electronic gift vouchers of up to Rs 5000 in value from their employer. These gift vouchers can be spent at over 11 lakh outlets and online through the Zeta Super Card or the Zeta app.

Optima Books And Periodicals Card:
Designed to encourage, sharpen and develop new skills, the Optima Gift Card is a digital solution to claim reimbursements on journals, reading materials, books and more. Employees receive grants in their Optima Books Periodicals Card, which they can spend using the Zeta Super Card.
Optima is built to be comprehensive, it can be tailored to include any tax perquisite that a company may wish to offer. It is also flexible, allowing organisations to customise how each programme is implemented.
So here is all about Zeta. If you have any other question or queries feel free to post comment below. Stay tuned for more. Thank you for reading.

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