SoundBot SB517 Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

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Thanks to wireless technologies like Bluetooth or Wifi, it’s easy to stream music to anywhere with a smartphone or tablet. The bathroom is no exception to this with SoundBot SB517. SoundBot has been design small wireless speakers that can be placed anywhere, made water resistant.

If you don’t know about the SoundBot then, SoundBot is California based company specialized in wireless sound technology product market, that have products specifically designed to meet the demands of a modern and active lifestyle. Today we are going to review their one of the waterproof wireless speaker termed as SoundBot SB517. This is one of their most popular products in their product catalog in the shower speaker’s category. It view as a high-end version of one of their successful product, the SB510.

Opening the Box:

In the box you will get SoundBot SB517, a charging cable (beware, this one is not micro Usb: it is Usb on one side and MP3 on second side.) and a quick start guide. The charging port, well protected by a small rubber flap.

Note: Charging cable seems to be specialized manufactured for this speaker so take care of it well.

On the top are the control buttons: on/off, play/pause, tracks and volume control, which are self-explanatory by their symbols itself. The buttons are made of rubber which provide quite nice look to it. Under the speaker is the suction cup, using which you can fix the speaker as per yours convince may it is on the wall or glass or any vertical place you may think fir to. It can be removed if you do not intent to use it. You can use it in bathroom while having shower or even take to swimming pool and create small pool party of your own.

Let’s Play:

When turned on, the SoundBot SB517 emits notification blue LED and sound for user convenience. Once you get these checks, you have to check your device detecting and connecting it to SoundBot SB517. If you see “SB517” in your Bluetooth device list, select it and a small beep will indicate that the two devices are paired.

The Sound:

Despite only 3W power, the sound is good. The sound will not distort even at the high volumes, it provides loud and clear sound. SoundBot SB517 you go up to 90db, which will allow you to diffuse music not only in your shower or your bathroom, but also in all your apartment. Not only this it has built in subwoofer that enhance your music experience by boosting the bass. So, if you love music with additional bass you can go for it. You can even see the speaker base area get vibrate while playing the music once you fix it on place you like.

Classy Design:

Design of the speaker is noticeable thing that other recognize when you hold them with you. We have got white color speaker for our review. The color itself is nice but glossiness of material makes it look more attractive. SB517 are available in 4 colors viz: black, blue, red and white. So, you have choice to select the color you like as per your preference.

SoundBot to say that the SB517 is completely waterproof: it has an IPX7 rating, which means that you can plunge it completely into the water at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes without problem. So you can take it in your shower and let the speaker also take bath with you as much as you like, it will remain in perfect working condition. At the pool, you can even let it float on the surface of the water, it will sail quietly like a small boat while you go swimming.

Hands-Off Phone Calls:

The SoundBot SB517 comes integrated with a microphone, which enable you to make phone calls hands-free (convenient to call in the shower). Another very useful feature is the to call back the last dialed number simply by holding down the dedicated button for 3 seconds. This button is also used to make or end a call.


  • Classy design
  • IPX7: fully waterproof
  • Very good sound
  • Good detachable suction cup
  • Last number redialing


  • Strange charging cable
  • Only 6 hours playing time


This speaker really has great features and design. The most important aspect is its design, classy and refined. The sound is also good, despite a low power. Its IPX7 certification does not make it afraid of extreme weather conditions or an accidental dip in the bath or pool!
The only flaw is the battery life of 6 hours. At the same time, it takes 4 hours for a full charge though. The SoundBot SB517 is a quality speaker for the price of a low-end speaker. It is not for nothing that it is currently one of the bestsellers on Amazon in its category. It will be able to satisfy the demanding music lovers, who want a sound of excellent quality even in the shower or at pool party.